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Shivam Arora

Product Manager at Rohde & Schwarz Munich

It's been like more than 2 years since I know Shruti. I met her during my Master's program studies at TUM. There were many people around who were hardworking but she has been a masterpiece combination of sharp and smart attitude, intelligence, and creativity. The passion I have seen in her eyes for her projects:- Quantum, Rapid Prototyping, and Hackathon makes her a unique milestone for her colleagues. More than this, when it comes to her personality, being humble for everyone around her is her weakness :). I wish you all the best Shruti in your future endeavors.

Aditi Sharma

Strategist | Design Thinker

I have known Shruti through our consistent interactions within Siemens Healthineers. Besides striking as a passionately driven individual, I admired her independent nature and in depth knowledge about different technology areas. With teamwork, I have seen her not only excel at her work, but also put forth a strong helping hand to all. With her quest to constantly grow professionally and personally, she is truly inspirational and encourages everyone around to bring their best potential. Her ability to bring ideas into reality with skillful execution makes her a valuable asset to every team. I am grateful for her commendable work done so far and look forward to future endeavors as well!


Ahmed Saber Gomaa

 Ph.D. Candidate with interest in the field of computational oncology at University Hospital ErlangenPh.D. Candidate with interest in the field of computational oncology at University Hospital Erlangen

I had the pleasure of working with Shruti Pistolwala on multiple projects. During that time, I noticed plenty of positive attributes that make Shruti a great asset to any team she works with. First, she is very organized and goal-oriented. Second, she is always proactive rather than reactive; she always proposes ways to improve the workflow. Moreover, she is equipped with vast technical knowledge in broad topics, such as web development, IoT, mixed reality, embedded C, etc. Last but not least, she is a great team player. She is cooperative and supportive of all team members.

Christopher Trummer

Managing Director, Venture Lab Quantum at Technical University of Munich

I got to know Shruti as a participant in the Quantum Entrepreneurship Laboratory where she delivered an impressive project around quantum natural language processing together with her team.
In the following semester Shruti joined us as part of the organizational team and coached one student team directly. It was a pleasure to have on our team - she was always approachable, taking time to help the team (even beyond the usual duty of a QEL coach) and brought in a lot of experience from other hackathons and innovation projects.
Thanks for joining the Shruti! Wish you all the best and keep innovating!


Thomas Ehmer

Business Technologies R&D Science and Technology - Innovation Incubator

You want to have Shruti in your team. I know Shruti from Quantum Entrepreneurship Lab where I guided Shruti and her team for the challenge in the area of quantum natural language processing. We provided a set of challenges, the team picked up the most promising (and most risky), and came up with a solution. During the course I found her to be not only hardworking and curious to learn, explore and do research in the domain of qNLP, but also a great team player and explainer. I wish her great success in her future! 

E. Clarissa Anjani

M.Sc. Management and Technology at TUM | PwC Alum | PushQuantum Participant

I worked closely with Shruti on the university project related to finding a use case for quantum computing in the area of drug development as we were assigned to Merck. We decided to create a proof of concept on quantum natural language processing to detect adverse drug side effects, and we were thankful to have Shruti as our natural language processing expert to support our project. While Shruti didn’t receive credit for the course, she worked the extra mile as if she did. She did the Figma prototype and she continuously changed and upgraded the design based on feedback from the TAs, her teammates, and I. She also has deep knowledge in technical topics such as NLP, Docker, Angular, website development, and many others which have made her contributions a value add for the team. I would recommend her on a future internship, university project, and so on if you are ever considering working with her. I wish her all the best in her bright future ahead!


Dr. Amit Deshmukh

Ph.D., Professor at DJSCE

I know Shruti in the capacity of Professor in a couple of courses and Project guide for the undergraduate projects at our institution. Shruti was always focused on learning as well as implementing new technical projects. She has formed CANSAT project team which took part in CANSAT competition organized in the USA in June 2018. She was also a part of the IETE student committee who organized various events including a project competition named D J Spark. Overall Shruti is a very hard-working, sincere, and dedicated student, and I wish her all the best in her future studies.

Manoj Bhataria
Founder, RGB Technologies Pvt. Ltd. CTO, Zeuva Automotive Pvt. Ltd. Head, Particle Science

When I first met Shruti, she impressed me as an engineer with high intellect and profound analytical skills. I realised that she has a flair for keeping herself abreast of the latest developments in technology and has a good aptitude for research. Hence I assigned her to work on a project involving multiple engineering disciplines. During the project, I noticed that she was an enthusiastic learner and utilized every opportunity that she got to improve her skill set. Because of her dedicated work, she never delayed the deliverables and had always completed her tasks well in advance. As a team-builder and a team leader, she motivated her team to excel in their work. Shruti's willingness to listen, take suggestions, modify lessons, and experiment with new strategies demonstrates her motivation and reflection about learning. I wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

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Ashim Purohit

Business Consultant.

Director-Advisory Board at AGD

Chairman-Advisory Board India at Scandinavian ChemoTech 

Shruti is a very enthusiastic young engineer with a passion to make a difference to the standards of practice through her hard work and intellect. I ve been a project guide for Shruti and see good team spirit and leadership skills in her. Wishing her all the best for a bright future!

Premnath Borkar
Co-founder and CEO, VPS Techub Pvt. Ltd

I know Shruti from last six months and have even worked with her closely on a client project. She goes in-depth of the problem statement and devise a feasible, accurate yet economic solution. She understands what she is doing. She keeps herself updated about the latest technologies. She is very focused, responsible and smart person.

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Aarti Ambekar
Assistant Professor, DJSCE

Shruti is a hardworking and very enthusiastic talented engineer. Being a teacher of her consecutively for two semester I sincerely believe that her technical abilities and analytical skills set her apart from her peers. Apart from technical knowledge, she is also a good orator. A good, wholesome personality coupled with leadership qualities makes her an asset to any team she may work with. Wishing her all the best for her bright future

Akshita Nichani
ISB Co’22 | Project Management | Ex-ZS

I have worked with Shruti for two years during our undergraduate program. She is extremely hard working, and will give her best to any endeavor she takes up. No task is impossible for her, as she strives for perfection even in the minute aspects of all projects. She efficiently manages her time, meets deadlines successfully and can be relied upon to get the job done.

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Sameer Kadam
Software Engineer, Fynd

Shruti is a hardworking and at the same time smart person. I met Shruti during college's project competition, where I found how eager she is to learn new technologies. I was particularly impressed by Shruti's technical skills during her role as Technical head of IETE Student chapter and also her Piano project. Shruti is an enthusiastic with a perfect combination of patience and research skills. Shruti's leadership and team work qualities are evident from her involvement in CanSat project and IETE committee. And the main thing, she always has a smile on her face :)

Pooja Jha
Data Engineer, Quantiphi Inc.

It's very rare to have the opportunity to report to a mentor who is also a friend- but I got that opportunity while working with shruti. she is one of the most diligent people I have ever met. shruti has been an amazing mentor for me and my group. she is one of those people who will guide you to the right way and never fails to share her experiences. shruti's ability to handle multiple projects efficiently was unlike any I have seen before.

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Divij Shah

Sales and Marketing, Wishtel Pvt. Ltd

The moment I met Shruti and the way we engaged in conversation, from different profession to different field, one thing i noticed in Shruti, is she has an entrepreneurial skill and I believe one day she will succeed in starting her new venture. Being a young woman and having so much knowledge makes her a big inspiration for people like me. I believe she can change the world b her ideas and concepts which I'm looking forward to. It feels great to be able to connect with like minded people like her who are passionate about their work and kind hearted people.

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